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testimonials from our guests

Below are a few of the responses we have received from our guests:

"Thanks so much for a wonderful day, we got to see a whold different side of the Bahamas....It is obvious that every effort was made to make our day as comfortable and interesting as possible."
Lainie and John Van de Woude

"We cannot thank you enough for this most excellent day 7 hours of sun, fun, great food and laughs"
Sydney & Chris Stowe

"Thanks so much for showing us Eleuthera and the great beaches (3 out of 350 isn't bad!). We were seeking out a less structured side of the Bahamas and we found it"
Kathleen and Darren Tremblay

"It was a thoroughly exciting and carefully planned day. We enjoyed the attention to detail, had lots of laughs, felt rejuvenated at the end of the day, and would not hesitate to recommend the excursion to others. You are a great team."
Diana Eyer

"It was one of the most exciting times of my life! Thanks for making my dreams come true!"
Chris Cox

"Thanks so much for a fun-filled, educational day. We really enjoyed it"
Bob & Jill Blettner

"If we thought there could be 5 star camping, you made it happen. Each scenic stop, each meal was wonderful. Your attitude of friendship and fun made our trip exceed every expectation"
Andy & Carol O'Brien

"You certainly did pick some SPECTACULAR places to see, and thanks for your excellent service"
Brian Miller.

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