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Bahamas Surf School

Living the dream at Surf Camp Thirteen.

Oh yes, lucky 13 is upon us (note: your camp director was born on the 13th of Feb. and considers it a lucky number!). Hopefully all will be serene at S.C. Thirteen, although not too serene as we'll once again hope the Surf Gods smile upon our small, but vibrant camp and send us waves this summer.

Our 6-day, activity-packed program includes dawn patrols, yoga/stretch, eco-warrior snorkel, cave, cliffjump adventures, games, as well as surfing each day. We're happy to welcome guest instructor Eleni Mary this summer! Eleni, a native Floridian, has taught surfing in Costa Rica and is a practicing yogini.

Delicious, home-made meals by famous garden-to-table cook Liz are always a highlight - nutritious and delicious (who can resist her magic bars!).

Overnighters report Sunday afternoon and their 6 night/6 day journey towards surfing nirvana begins then and there.

Day campers' electricity plugs into the camp each day from 9-5pm (start times vary according to week), as well as invites to 'on the town' nights etc.

Teen week and the returning Tween/Teen week we anticipate filling quickly. We are asking to please spread the word about our Youth week (ages 7-11) as that looks to be the one with the most openings, but as we love that age group (and all of them!), we're hoping it fills. Age limits have some flexibility to allow groups/siblings to attend together, but we do value forming peer group dynamics.

Max occupancy for each week is 12-14 campers. Don't miss your spot!

ALSO: We are again looking for recommendations for a local Eleutheran kid to take one of our scholarship spots. Ideally we are looking for a Youth (aged 7-11), but any child would be considered. Your recommendation should want to learn the sport, benefit from financial aid, and be able to swim. This is a great opportunity, please don't hesitate to recommend a child.

SPONSOR A CHILD RATE: Once again we're offering this discounted rate to individuals or businesses that want to sponsor a local child to attend. Please inquire and as per above recommend a child, or we can recommend one for you.

June 24/25-June 30 -- Teen Week ages 13-18
July 1/2-July 7 -- Youth Week ages 7-11
July 8/9-13 -- Tween/Teen Week ages 11-14


  1. Names and Ages of child/children
  2. Which week signing up for? Day or Overnight?
  3. Dietary requirements/ Likes&Dislikes (if any)
  4. Emergency Contact Name and Phone
  5. Method payment - We accept Paypal, Visa/MC and cash. If using Paypal or credit card we prefer a 50% deposit and the remainder in cash. Deposits are fully refundable before April 15. April 16-May 30 50% refundable. No refunds after June 1.

Click here to like us on facebook. We update our facebook page during the camps, with the latest pics and news, so parents and friends can keep track of how everyone is doing; as well as news and pics throughout the year.

Day Camp

Includes but not limited to:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Instructor-to-Student ratio of 4:1 or smaller
  • BOA Surf Camp T-Shirt
  • Learn from at least 3 different instructors
  • 3-4 hours of surfing each day
  • Photo time: Analysis of your waves via digital images!
  • Rope swinging, spelunking, cliff jumping, drift snorkeling etc. Fun in the sun each afternoon
  • Daily yoga-stretch session
  • Arts: journal, painting, music
  • As always, eco-consciousness, respect for the ocean, safety and fun are stressed!
  • Tasty Lunch and snacks!
  • Flickr photo gallery of surfing and group shot(s)

Overnight camp

All of the above as well as:

  • Accommodation at Surfer's Haven guesthouse or nearby vacation rental house.
  • Breakfast & Dinner - yum!
  • 'Pre and Post-breakfast activities
  • Game Night: Will Backgammon and Bracketology return?
  • Campfire Night: Roast marshmallows, sing along, rake, scrape, drum and help compose the 'Surf C-A-M-P song' (this last is for teen week and possibly others).
  • Daddy Joe's Night: A chance to eat out and check out DJ's - pool table and more! (This is not included: Bring spending money for this night please).
  • (Surf) Movie Night
  • Fish Fry: Friday night visit to the Governor's Harbour Fish Fry. Like the Bee Gees: Dancin', dancin', dancin'!

[NOTE: We will again be somewhat lenient with the age limits for each week, especially for returning campers and if it means keeping families/groups together].


  • Day: $500 first child, $450 each addtl. family member.
  • Overnight: $900 first child, $850 each addtl.
  • 5% discount for returning Students
  • PRO-RATE: $125/day or $200/overnight

We’re looking forward to a great C-A-M-P this year!

Check out the Surf School Photo Gallery Here

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