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Surf the breaks of Eleuthera....

Be sure to check out Surfers Haven, our surf lodge!

Surfin' our Secret Location!The island of Eleuthera offers some of the most consistent and powerful surf in the Bahamas. Point breaks, reef breaks and beach breaks, Eleuthera has it all. The island is surrounded by deep Atlantic Ocean on its North and East sides, and that is where the best breaks are located. North coast breaks work on anything from N through NE, East coast breaks on anything from N to SE, predominantly lefts but there are some rights. A 3000-foot drop in the ocean floor, one mile offshore, acts as a swell magnet that can channel in swells from as far away as Africa and the Azores.

The best season for surf is October through April for size and consistency. When strong cold fronts go off the east coast of the US, winds typically switch offshore and the surf gets GOOD! From May through July, it's typically small, and then the months of August, September and October bring the possibility of hurricane surf in warm, clear water.

Surfer's Beach Peelin'Bahamas Out-Island Adventures is the first company to offer 1 day, 2 day/1night, 3 day/2 night and 4 day/3 night guided camping surfaris, seeking out and surfing the best waves on the island every day. Our surf guides know where all the best breaks are and under what swell, tide and wind conditions they work best. More often than not we have these breaks all to ourselves. At night we camp by firelight under the stars and sleep in comfortable tents listening to the surf roll in. All our meals are healthy, interesting and delicious! When the surf is flat or for a change of pace, we go snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, or exploring caves, blue holes and beautiful beaches.

Learn to Surf!

We also offer “Learn to surf” programs. Instructors stress safety, fun and learning in good beginner conditions and with good beginner equipment. Group lessons and private lessons are available. Half of your 5-hour day goes towards putting into practice what you’ve learned that day on longboards or shortboards. The other half goes toward learning surfing skills like paddling, entry and exit techniques, duck-diving, wave selection, and catching and riding waves. Learn to surf trips generally depart at 10 am and return at 2:30 pm but allowances will be made for tides and surf conditions. Group lessons begin at $60 per person. Learn to surf packages also available. Call or email for more information.

Joe Thompson instructs Felix
during 2005 Surf Camp

We take care of everything from start to finish and we provide all on-island transportation, campsite accommodations, meals, refreshments, and activity equipment. Getting to Eleuthera is easy on direct daily flights from South Florida or daily high-speed catamaran service from Nassau.

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Egg Island
Deep water break that needs a good N swell to work. Located on the west of Egg Island, so clean on typical offshore trade winds.

St. Georges Island
Reef breaks located on the NW point of the island. Rights and lefts. Needs a N swell.

Man Island
A number of different breaks located in a small area, each works best on different tides and swell directions. A great beginner beachbreak wave here, also a super fast, hollow and sketchy right (breaks right over sharp honeycomb reef) Not for the fainthearted!

Harbour Island
Located at the southern end of the island in Whale Point cut, this break works best on an East swell and an outgoing tide. Mostly lefts.

Surf Babes

Whale Point
Located at the northern tip of Whale Point, this right point break needs size and no wind to get good. Best on an outgoing tide.

Holiday Beach
Best over 8ft. Steep long hollow workable left off a reef point. Paddle in is radical at low tide. No beach only sharp reef rock.

Surfer's Beach
The most well known and most consistent break on the island. Can get maxxed out over 10ft. Breaks well on most swell directions. Mostly long lefts, some steep rights. Best in the winter months as cold fronts pass through.

Hatchet Bay
Two breaks at either end of this small bay. The northern one works best on a N swell when it can be one of the best breaks on the island. A long, workable left. At the southern end of the cove are some good rights, working best on low to mid tide and an E to SE swell.

Holiday Beach

Rainbow Bay
This area of the island always picks up any swell, but mostly just heavy beachbreak. A few points can work well on a NE to E swell, Hidden Beach is one but needs a big swell to break far enough out to surf.

James Point
One of the few places on the island that is offshore on an E to SE wind. When a N swell hits it is truly a surferâs dream. Hard to get to.

North Palmetto Point & Diamond Cay
Multiple offshore breaks on the outer reef. Need a boat or kayak to get to. Powerful waves breaking over sharp coral, perfect left and right tubes.

Half Sound
Needs a true E swell to work, breaks big and hard on the outer reef. Need a boat.

Rock Sound Airport
Good on a NE to E swell, can still be offshore on a NW to N wind. Sharp coral reef.

James Point Surf

Our surfaris are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to surf great, uncrowded waves in a pristine tropical paradise. Hope to see you soon!

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