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The island of Eleuthera is considered to be one of the prettiest islands in the Bahamas, with its rolling green hills, sheltered coves, breathtaking bluffs and cliffs, inland lagoons and caves, and magnificent pink sand beaches that stretch for miles. The island is over 110 miles long but little more than a mile wide in most places - in certain spots on the island you can see the deep blue Atlantic Ocean and the calmer, aquamarine Bight of Eleuthera at the same time.

Quaint colonial villages are a reminder of the island's pilgrim settlers who arrived over 350 years ago and named the island Eleuthera, 'Freedom' in Greek. That same carefree spirit is alive and well in Eleuthera today, and it's incredibly easy to find and enjoy stunning beaches and scenery all by yourself. The island's rich red soil produces a variety of vegetables and exotic fruits such as pineapples, mangoes, papayas and avocados, and Eleuthera's green rolling hills are reminiscent of somewhere more northern than the tropics.

The main settlements in Eleuthera are:

  • Spanish Wells, famous for the prowess of its fishermen;
  • Dunmore Town on Harbour Island, commonly acknowledged to be the prettiest of the out-islands because of its 3 miles of powdery pink sand beach, as well as its pastel-coloured clapboard houses set amongst white picket fences, narrow lanes, quaint shops and tropical flowers;
  • Gregory Town, with nearby world-class surfing at Surfer's Beach;
  • Hatchet Bay, site of the famous Hatchet Bay Caves;
  • James Cistern, known for its excellent fishing off James Point;
  • Governor's Harbour, seat of local government and many beautiful colonial buildings;
  • Palmetto Point, surrounded by beautiful beaches;
  • Savannah Sound & exclusive Windemere Island;
  • Tarpum Bay, one of Eleuthera's loveliest settlements, and site of a small artists' colony;
  • and Rock Sound; one of Eleuthera's largest settlements with its own airport and unique blue ocean hole.

Whatever you desire, Eleuthera has it all - spectacular beaches, great surf, tranquil coves, lush green forests, quaint historical settlements, and a relaxed, carefree atmosphere. You can do it all or do absolutely nothing. Enjoy your freedom!

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